To make sugar on snow for about 10 people, you will need:
1 quart Vermont Maple Syrup
1 jar of dill pickles
1 dozen raised donuts
2 pans of snow at least 9”x13”.

Snow can be divided into individual bowls or left in larger containers (it works best if snow is somewhat crystallized.)

Cook one quart pure Vermont Maple Syrup in large pot. Rub butter or cooking oil around the inside rim of pot so that syrup will not boil over the top. Cook until syrup reaches until soft ball stage, approximately 234-236 degrees on candy thermometer. Cool slightly. Pour in strips over snow. Pick off from snow with fork.

The pickles are eaten to counteract the sweetness of the sugar.

When everyone has had their fill, any leftover syrup can be stirred until it forms a soft maple sugar. Eat on toast or cereal or sweeten your coffee!

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